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AMP Tank

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Product Description


The AMP Tank is the tank that drippers have been waiting for. Dedicated drippers are uncompromising when it comes to getting the most flavor and vapor from their juice. They are willing to do a little extra work rather than sacrifice flavor for the convenience of a cartomizer. The AMP Tank is a standard 510 submersible atomizer tank using unmodified standard 510 atomizers. With the AMP Tank the 510 atomizer is threaded into a connector that is inside the liquid tank allowing you to open the space between the atomizer connector and the base connecter and increase or decrease the amount of liquid flowing into the atomizer. The thickness of the juice will determine how one would use the AMP Tank. Those who use thinner juices will be able to instantly enjoy the AMP Tank experience. Those with thicker juices would take advantage of the AMP Tank's adjustability and manual feed feature. There is a small hole on the outside radius of the valve bushing where the air enters. This valve bushing is permanently affixed internally to the 510 atomizer connector inside the tank. The bottom cap and valve bushing can rotate independently, twisting the tank section counter clockwise while holding the valve bushing section will open the space between connectors and  expose more of the air intake holes in the atomizer threads to increase juice flow. Adjusting the liquid flow does not require removal of the atomizer or draining of the tank. There is a tool available to increase the size of these holes to further improve juice flow. This might be necessary with thicker liquids, particular manufacturer’s atomizers, or very light draw speeds. Every draw on the atomizer designates (determined by the space between connectors and draw speed) a portion of the vacuum you create to feeding new liquid into the atomizer. The amount of liquid that will “auto”  feed is determined by the space between the atomizer and connector as well as the viscosity of your liquid and draw speed. The final feature of the AMP Tank is the ability to manual feed at any time. This feature enables the user to temporarily interrupt the air flow (holding your finger over the air intake and taking a cold pull) so that only liquid is pulled into the atomizer. This feature is necessary if your atomizer/liquid setup will not auto feed enough liquid.  Never use the manual feed feature without vaping directly after, bringing excess liquid into the atomizer and not making use of it could cause the atomizer to flood. If the atomizer is flooded or over fed its possible liquid could leak from the air intake hole. It will require a bit of time to figure out the setup that works best for you. Because of the variety of atomizers/ liquids/ draw speeds we cannot make the claim this will fully auto feed for everyone. This is an experienced user product, we do not recommend these for new users or users who are not experienced with atomizers and dripping. It is recommended to prime and break in any new atomizers before setting up in the tank. We do not recommend unthreading the atomizer from the connector more than 1/2 rotation maximum,  1/4 turn is typically sufficient. Opening the atomizer more than 1/4 to 1/2 rotation can actually reduce the feed rate and increase the potential for an air lock restricting the liquid feed.


Amp Tank Only Includes:

1x Amp Tank (top and bottom caps, valve, and Fused Quartz tube (3ml (standard) or 5ml (long barrel) tube)

1x Cisco Spec 510 Bridgeless Stainless atomizer (resistance selection above)

1x 510 atomizer extender (included with 5ml Long Barrel selection only)

Note on Glass: The glass tubes ae made from Fused Quartz. The cut edges are flame polished to produce a clean look. Small chipping may show on some of the cut surfaces, this will not effect the function of the glass.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY: AMP Tanks will only ship USPS Insured International Express mail only. Please make the appropriate selection for “USPS Live (Express Mail International)”  If First class or Priority International are selected your order will be delayed or canceled. 

Warranty Information

24HR Damage claim on fused quartz tank. The quality and workmanship of the AMP Tank are guaranteed,. However, we cannot guarantee this product will fully auto feed 100% for everyone considering the unlimited variations in atomizers, liquids, and vaping styles.

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Product Reviews

  1. Best tank I've used 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2014

    I believe this items has been updated. Some reviews suggest that the tank fits really loose on the atomizer. Mine came with a tight fit. Great flavor and vape. Had no issues with floods or leaks.

  2. Love It!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Sep 2013

    I have had the Amp Tank for about a week and love it!
    Pros: Great taste, easy to refill, beautiful mod, sturdy construction.

    Cons: Some leakage through the air hole, but no worse than many other mods I have used.

  3. Amped!! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jul 2013

    So I recently purchased the amp tank in black and it is one sexy atty tank. Its a great buy imo because im starting to like cartos less and less. The only issue i've found is the learning curve to get it to feed and not flood the atty but once you've used it enough , youll be thanking yourself for and outstanding vape. When back in stock ill probably buy another but in clear/silver.

  4. best atty tank 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2013

    This in my opinion delivers the best flavor of any tank out there. I recommend getting an HH.357 to get the most out of it. The tank can be quite frustrating when you are first learning how to use it. To prevent leaking from the tank seals I have to wash and dry the tank glass and orings to ensure no leaking because there are kind of loose. I do this everytime i switch juices or refill. have patience and you will learn to love this tank.

  5. i called it dripping in a tank.. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2013

    is it called dripping in a tank.? i really like it.. vape without doing anything is a little boring..but this tank is incredible.. i put away my Somnium & AC9 tank and I Started to full use of this tank..thank to Avid..

  6. works well 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th May 2013

    Just got this today! Works great! I don't see why everyone is complaining about this! leaks out of the carb a little bit. to remedy this i tighten down the atomizer and turn the carb up and take a drag and it sucks the juice right back into the atomizer.
    works great an i love it! haven't had a dry hit!

  7. Dig It! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Apr 2013

    As I said to Cisco in correspondence over this, we all needed a physics refresher when we received this tank!

    Once you get it, you got it. I needed the slightly fatter o-rings to make an absolutely perfect vacuum on mine ( if you go this route, just be careful of your glass, as Hanna says "a gentle rocking motion" when removing your caps)

    This thing couldn't be more awesome though. I mostly use it in manual feed, as I am use to the "feel" of my atomizers and how they perform from REO mods and what not. The auto-feed will work fine in my opinion as long as you have a solid vacuum going.

    Is the price worth it? Yeah! It's solid USA craftsmanship. You are supporting OUR business' domestically. If you treat it with care, it will last and last and last.

    Running it on a small Dingo mod with a 1.5 ohm 306 currently and couldn't be happier.

    Great job again Avid. True American vape pioneers!

  8. Best Tank ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Apr 2013

    I had a difficulty in first usage like feeding and liquid blow from the air hole, but within few experience I think I realized to use in proper way.

    I recommend to all expert users this system but with HH357 atomizers,
    the others doesn't work well.

  9. Best tank ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2013

    This is the best tank system I have ever used. Auto-feeds for me about 80% of the time. Which is fine for me. Using it with my HH.357 with 100% VG juice and it's the best thing ever. Buy it NOW

  10. Where have you been all my life... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2013

    When I found this tank there were none in stock and that mildly made me want it more. While I waited for the stock to replenish I read reviews and watched videos about the tank. Needless to say I fell in love. When mine finally arrived I watched the setup video and went straight to vaping. I now will be using no other thanks. This is the most amazing vaping tank/device around. The only downside is that it is made of quartz and its terrible durrable. I dont mind the $8.99 for another glass piece but if it was made of plastic this wouldnt be needed.

  11. Easy to use - dripping heaven in a tank 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2013

    I always loved the taste of dripping but found the process maddeningly frustrating. There was always too much time spent vaping dryish hits and flooded atties with too little time spent in the Goldilocks vaping zone.

    I've wasted more money than I care to count chasing dripping flavor in a tank, including RBAs. All muted the complex, subtle, nuanced flavors from my favorite juice vendor.

    Thankfully my quest for the dripping taste, tank convenience unicorn has ended with the AMP Tank. Now I'm truly able to enjoy every last drop of my favorite juices' magic. The AMP Tank even allows juices with simple flavors to truly shine.

    I was so pleased with my first AMP Tank that I purchased two more and couldn't be happier with all three—vaping nirvana for me.

  12. 2 things to make this absolutely best 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2013

    1st is the glass tube.
    2nd if they can somehow revise the carb hole to be a one way valve to only suck air into atty and let juice stay in there...many shirt pockets with leaked juice coming from carb hole...with those to revisions this will be absolutely the best so far!

  13. 5stars if not for quartz tank 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2013

    Everything about this screams "the only tank i'll ever need...". Except the fragile quartz tank which a buddy of mines recieved shattered. =(. So now i've got to be suuper careful as i always carry it in shirt pocket...hopefully some revisions are coming with some sturdy stuff! Still by far worth every dollar except the 8.99 for a new tank. =P. p.s. dont think about buying this...DO IT!!! Well worth it.

  14. Cisco Kid to the Rescue....! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Mar 2013

    Been using the 3ml tank with Cisoo's 306's and 510's and after a Quick learning Curve...Have had no real issues with it... !
    If I feel a weak vape I simple use the Ingenious
    Turbo feature ( the hole on the side) and I'm back in Business...No real leaking issues either....
    Just to have a tank with an Atomizer and Not the Cartomizer ( Which feels to me like your sucking on a wet face cloth )is what I've been waiting a long time for ....
    I'm getting Plumes of vapor on the Go.. while driving etc... I'm not looking for red lights and stop signs anymore ...lol
    Nicely done Cisco... you have broken through another Barrier in the vaping World....!!!

    I'm pretty AMPPED up about it...!!

  15. AMP tank 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2013

    no doubt the best tank ever made

  16. AMP TANK sets high bar in the world of Vaping! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2013

    I have been using the AMP tank for four days now and I have to say this in my opinion, the best vape I have found to date. My hat is off to Cisco, Well done Sir! This tank was so worth the wait! I have found the AMP tank to be very easy to setup, use, adjust, clean and setup again. I was a little concerned with the ratio of my juice (high VG), but have had no related issues. In one word, Awesome!

  17. neeeeeeeeed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2013

    Can't wait!!!

  18. thank you 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2013

    thank you for the update on the progress of the AMP Tank, looking forward to it .

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