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HH.357 Long Barrel Hybrid 901 Atomizer


HH.357 Long Barrel Hybrid 901 Atomizer

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Product Description

HH.357 Long Barrel Cisco Spec Hybrid 901 Atomizer

The Original Hybrid atomizer

Stainless Steel | Matte Black

1.5ohm | 2.0ohm | 2.5ohm | 3.0ohm

Hand assembled in the USA

All 357's are made to VII spec.


These Hybrid atomizers are the original creation of Hanna Hadawara (HH) and the first small production atomizer to be hand assembled right here in the USA. Hanna created this modification November (2010) after his disappointment with current atomizer consistency and technology. A "how to" was posted back in March going into all the details on how you could create your own Hybrid  atomizer. The current process is a vast improvement on the original design and now with the addition of the Cisco Spec x.x ohm 306 coils this is one remarkable atomizer. Each and every atomizer is hand assembled. The assembly process is very time consuming but the end result is an exceptionally consistent atomizer. After assembly a 50/50 blend of PG/VG is used to fire up each atomizer and adjustments are made if necessary. This meticulous testing practically eliminates the potential for DOA's and provides an extremely consistant atomizer. Each atomizer is metered before and after assembly / testing to ensure consistency. Our 1.5ohm hybrid atomizers are designed for single cell 3.7 Li-ion battery mods or VV mods with outputs under 4v. DO NOT use on 5v or 6v mods or eGo/Riva batteries. Our 2.0 ohm and above 357's are designed for vari volt/watt devices, please be aware of your atomizer resistance and device output when fisrt setting up your 357. A safe starting point would be 5-7watts to the atomzier. You can use an ohms law calculator to configure your voltage output for initial setup. Enter your atomizer resistance (R) in the  Resistance field, enter your device voltage output in the voltage (E) field. The calculator will calculate your wattage output and your Amp drain based on your entries.Available in 1.5ohm, 2.0ohm, 2.5ohm, 3.0ohm Stainless Steel  and Matte Black all withopen center posts. These will work on any device with a 901 connector including bottom feed mods. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the performance of your HH atomizer please feel free to use our ticket system and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please follow this user guide carefully for optimum performance.

1. Blow excess primer out only in the direction of airflow (in through battery connector terminal and out through drip tip/mouth piece end)
    Do not rinse or clean out primer. It is needed for proper break in. Primer is 50/50 PG/VG

2. Apply enough liquid ( about 5 drops) until a slight gurgle is heard when you draw (cold draw / no power ) if no gurgle is heard add  1-2 more drops 

3. Vape some short drags to be sure there is enough liquid and to test different draw speeds. Remember the pump works on vacuum, slow / soft drags are not going to create enough vacuum.

4. If you get a bad taste on first drag, add 1-3 drops try again.

5. A bad taste or light flavor/vaper from a drag means the atomizer is ready for 2-3 more drops, depending on liquid used. 2-3 for all VG. 3-4 for VG PG.

6. Continue to vape and top off with juice until flavor starts to intensify (you will know) atomizer will "hiss" after a drag when its ready to top off, or top off when you get poor flavor.

7. When you feel you "know" your atomizer go ahead and vape hard. Please be aware when your atomier is running dry,  Enjoy!!!


A dirty atomizer can cause poor wicking and restrict the flow of liquid to the coil. Dirty wicking material will hold less juice and increase the potential for leaking.

For longer life clean your atomizers when you feel the performance drops or they are not wicking properly. High VG content, Dark jucies, and juices with high sugar content will need to be cleaned more often.

For cleaning use Ethanol/grain alcohol or vodka and let soak for an hour. Drip clean ethanol/alcohol into the atomizer from the mouth piece end and let it drip out the connector end, this would be the final "flush" before blowing the atomizer out and repeating steps 2-5.  Step 2 would require 7-9 drops after a cleaning and blow out.

Do not let the atomizer dry out after cleaning, it needs to stay lubricated. Drop the required amount of drips of your juice or straight pg/vg for pre priming immediately after blowing it out even if you wont be using for a while. Never store the atomizer dry.

Do not blow air in from the drip tip / mouth piece end, EVER. Blow air only in the direction of airflow. In through the connector end and out through drip tip/mouth piece end.

Do not dry burn for any reason, any remaining vodka inside the atomizer will burn off after the first few pulls.

Low Resistance atomizers are not designed to be run on standard (cigarette sized) batteries and are known to kill or significantly reduce the lifespan of eGo | Riva style batteries. Older heavily used batteries and batteries with faulty protection circuits can be instantly rendered useless.

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